We Believe, We Follow, We Deliver

Flip is a digital transformation agency that believes, follows and delivers digital excellence. We live and breathe digital in all its forms - be that consumer driven solutions, internal communications platforms and portals, or immersive digital experiences in retail environments.

We Believe

At Flip we believe the future is digital, and we believe that future is now. With digital being an intrinsic part of the 21st century, we work to support your business transformation by bringing those digital possibilities into reality. Whether we are pushing the boundaries of personalised mobile experiences, creating user journeys that are more intuitive for end users, irrespective of the platform they use, or leveraging complex enterprise systems to deliver an end-to-end solution, we continually identify opportunities to improve customer interaction and increase brand engagement.

We Follow

Our objective at Flip is to employ the region's most talented digital experts in order to drive digital innovation and change.

In order to deliver successfully time and time again, we have evolved our processes over the years – mapping our workflow against global standards and ensuring we exceed our clients expectations.

It goes without saying that we strive to follow the industry's best practices in order to deliver ‘best-in-class’ digital solutions across a wide range of digital services.

We Deliver

We develop compelling (and often award-winning) digital solutions, giving your business a competitive edge and achieving tangible results that can be measured. Whether it's consultation on the creative and technical direction for your digital strategy, planning user interactions, building an effective website or innovative app, or developing a corporate intranet, patient portal or CRM solution – if your goal is digital in nature, we consult, create and deliver end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.