Yes, we blush when we get compliments from our clients, but there's no better sales tool than word-of-mouth

Mohamad Abdul Majid, Assistant Manager, Group Communications, Mubadala

A big thank you to each member of the Flip team from all of us here at Mubadala. We're extremely thankful for all the hard work you've put in over the past few days and months. Weyana.ae [is] now live and kicking.

Noora M. Bin Kalban, Communications Officer, Dubai Cares

We would like to thank Flip Media for their support in developing Dubai Cares' new website and in helping us find ways to engage with our growing online community. Our experience with Flip Media has been very positive - they extended their full support and exhibited tremendous dedication and enthusiasm throughout the course of our partnership. The end result speaks for itself and has far exceeded our initial expectations; our new website is visually more appealing. It is more engaging for the reader and will definitely help us in spreading our message to a wider audience. 

Patricia Anderson, Communications Manager, Gulf for Good

Patricia Anderson, Communications Manager, Gulf for Good

Gulf for Good are extremely lucky to have had Flip's support over the past few years.  After much careful consultation, they designed a fabulous website which perfectly fits our requirements and is easy to use both for us and for our community.  They provided excellent training and continue to support us with care and patience, as we learn to use all the facets of the website. Flip has revolutionised our website experience and we're now proud to refer future participants and sponsors to our site for all their needs. Thank you Flip!

John Rajkumar, Founder of Cricketinc.com

Flip's approach was a drastic change from the companies we had used in the past. It was an educational experience for us, as we went through each phase of website development, from discovery & research, user experience & interaction design to final templates. It was no longer just about colors, fonts, images & html , an area that they excel in anyway, but this was website development as the science that it is now. The results speak for themselves.

Jacqueline Chang, Marketing Manager

Our experience with Navisite is very pleasant. It provides us a platform to manage our three different websites easily and efficiently.

Karam Hoar, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation

I am thankful for everything that Flip has done for ADMAF and my experience with them was extremely positive. Flip did a fantastic job with helping us develop a fresh and modern design for our website and have displayed a great deal of professionalism, customer service and patience with us throughout the project from day one.

Namit Bhatia, Asst Manager – Group Marketing Division, Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons

I find the Navisite CMS, offered by Flip as an extremely efficient tool. With a user friendly GUI, it is easy to navigate and update any section of the website fairly quickly. The application is exceedingly reliable and very simple to learn.

Michel Fallah, Editor in Chief - Nufooz.com, GJR Online sarl

The Navisite CMS was the ideal solution for our content based portal nufooz.com. It enabled us to create a dynamic and scalable platform for Arabic business related content. The simple interface has been very easy to use and seamlessly handles all of our needs including creating different access levels so that members of the community can author content and update the site.   Our most recent CMS upgrade has made the site extremely fast and stable.  The customer support team has been very responsive to our queries and have worked with us to develop reliable customized solutions.

Asha Anish, Exe Secretary - NASS Contracting Co LLC

Asha Anish, Exe Secretary - NASS Contracting Co LLC

I appreciate having Navisite as the Content Management System for our company website. It is very easy to use with little to no specific CMS training. It has an organised structure which enables in quick modification of all web contents and goes live in no time. Overall Navisite is an elegant software that is easy-to-use and fun to work with.

Ammara Khan, Head of Communications, INJAZ al-Arab

Prior to our first interaction with Flip Media, we knew of them only through positive reputation within the regional market.  Our first discussion simply confirmed that we had approached the right team for our requirements.  A combination of professionalism, innovation, knowledge and passion best describes the dynamic at Flip.  They have and continue to deliver exceptional service to our organization and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Taghrid Al Saeed, eMarketing Manager - Sorouh

Taghrid Al Saeed, eMarketing Manager - Sorouh

Flip is obviously one of the best web developers in UAE. They were a reliable partner to develop Sorouh corporate website with the international technical standards in place.

Prashanjeet Chakravarty - Design Manager, Future E-commerce Infrastructure Limited

Prashanjeet Chakravarty - Design Manager, Future E-commerce Infrastructure Limited

I just want to drop a line to thank Flip Media and it's very capable team for the great job done on our website. The quality, skill, and speed with which www.futurebazaar.com was developed is impressive: Flip's team really managed to capture our corporate image and identity.

We always get compliments from new and existing clients on the professionalism of our website.

Again, thank you!