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If it's digital (and sometimes even if it's not), we have an opinion. And what use is an opinion if it isn't shared? You are now on the flip side.

Advice to finding your "Premium Provider"

Premium internet is basically your companies’ level of recognition to how internet plays a part ...


How the iPhone has changed mobile marketing in the Middle East

Something clicked a few years ago in the minds of mobile users in the Middle East, and suddenly everyone ...

Social media to bridge the great divide between online and offline worlds

So you're a geek, and you live in your own bubble world where Google is your religion, and Steve ...

No Flash Please. Naviflix for the iPad on Mobile Safari!

When we started conceptualizing Naviflix we did not know a lot about the fabled iPad. There was only ...

Twitter's growth in the UAE & Flip's presence in the Twitterati of Dubai

When it comes to social media in the region, Twitter tops the charts hands  down. The National ...

Even the hard core tech guys know how to have offline fun!

Step into Flip’s Tech hub and the first thing that strikes most people is the pin-drop silence. ...

IPhones, iPads & the power of technology

Flip's CEO has the Last Word in May's Arabies Trends.


Website Design – the basics and how sometimes we forget it

After a long week at work, the weekend is close by. My weekends usually involve a good mel and rest ...

Our new Zen Den is open and ready!

Come help us break it in!


Naviflix. Coming to a small screen near you.

We Flippers are big movie buffs. You'll often find us scrambling to catch the newest movies on the ...


Flip Media Launches its first iPhone app

Our challenge: Putting Mumbai in the palm of your hands


Flip Media Launches du mobile website

Working on one of our biggest projects came with high expectations and high rewards