The flip side

If it's digital (and sometimes even if it's not), we have an opinion. And what use is an opinion if it isn't shared? You are now on the flip side.

Developing for the iPad - A learning experience

Development process for our first iPad application.

1 - making the most of digital

If you’re looking for an example of a site which really translates the feel of an organization ...

The Future of The Internet

How we are growing unable to deal with the consequences of our technology.

Why Social Media Fails

Instead of writing another blog about how to leverage social media correctly, I thought it’d be ...


Exploring diversity through movies

Living in Dubai is an adventure of getting to know variety of cultures and in Flip we have good opportunity ...

Onam, an occasion to cherish fond memories

Onam, the festival of flowers and colours, passed by bringing in peace and happiness to every Keralite ...

WP nyro - New WordPress Plugin alternative to Thickbox

Open source technologies have always been a source of inspiration for me to develop new themes and ...


Iftar Time Again!

Flippers gather together to break their fast during Ramadan.

5 Interesting Facts about Social Media in Middle East

Social Media in Middle East - Some interesting facts and findings, minus the hype.

The right way to build a mobile site

Mobiles now outnumber televisions 3-to-1 and PCs by more than 4-to-1. Analysts predict by 2012, half ...


Flip Dubai - through my camera lens

As a photography enthusiast, I love traveling. But when I was asked to go from my base at Flip Trivandrum ...


Life's a Pitch

The challenge of the new "pitch culture" that faces the UAE advertising industry in 2010.