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Author: Dinesh | Published: July 21, 2006 at 05:42 PM

Over the weeks leading to the world cup Puma has been running a teaser TV advertising Campaign probing viewers to 'Seek the evidence at'.

The teasers were images of a man delivering packages to football stars, with the end frame asking them to 'Seek the evidence at'. The TV campaigns later revealed Pele as the face of the campaign and that the package contents were Puma's new Camp Grass football boots and what was very interesting to see was that the teasers directed the seriously interested viewers to the website, BEFORE the TV reveal ad ran.

Thousands of dollars were spent on this integrated campaign, and surely it needed to be measured. The smart guys at Puma acknowledged that Online was the way to do so and thousands of curious TV viewers did in fact seek the evidence Online.More Clients should adopt Online as integral part of their communication campaign like Puma did, and only when they do so will they are able to provide ROI figures which would then potentially increase their sales, and the budgets for their next big campaign.

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