How Nerds Run 

Author: Yousef | Published: November 4, 2012 at 12:00 AM

You can have the kicks and the kit, but no running regime is really quite complete without the right technology

Ever since I ran my first race in 2005, I have been obsessed with running. Although my interest in running seems to go up and down with the seasons (and how busy I am at work), running still provides me with one of my only real escapes from the rest of the world. When I am running, no one can call me or BBM me or email me or interrupt me. It's my time.

As my running has evolved, so has my technology. From the old days of just being happy with a watch that could measure time, or my heartrate, I evolved to watches like the Garmin Forerunner, which was able to measure my speed, distance, elevation, etc. based on GPS. However, nowadays, even that's not enough.

My new running system is as advanced as they get. I've been running with the new Nike+ Sportwatch, which not only looks cool(ish), but it tracks my GPS and uploads it to the Nike+ website, which allows me to then create visualizations of my runs, including very cool Google Maps integrations with time, pace, and altitude. It also means I can compare a run I did in September in Rome from the Vatican to the Colossuem (above), to one I did just a few weeks ago around Emirates Hills (below). How cool is that?

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