Flip Cast - Broadband Video Streaming

Posted on July 29, 2007 at 12:28 pm

Video killed the radio star. And then took over the internet.

Yahoo video. My Space. You Tube. With the advent and popularity of these sites, viewing video content has become an integral part of any online experience. Not one to be left behind, Flip too offers clients the ability to stream broadband video content on their websites. Taking it a step further, we integrate Flip Cast with Brand Central, and even help you track how many visitors are viewing your videos.

Wider Audience

logo-adobe-flash.jpgBuilt on the widely available Adobe Flash technology, more people can see video content and streaming TV ads using our product than with any other plug-in available.


Flip Cast clients



Join the ranks of British Airways, CNN, Dubai E-Government, Emirates Holidays, 7 days and many others who use Flip Cast to engage and entertain their customers.