kalam farsi category page. is a content marketplace focusing on user generated video content in the region, by Al Aan TV. Unlike global players, Kalam focuses on content in Farsi, Arabic and Urdu, and caters to the markets in the Middle East, Iran and Pakistan. It is unique in its content tone, types,  language offerings, and primarily female usership.

Kalam TV was a full digital solution provided by Flip Media to Al Aan TV to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Create a new regional online brand based on user generated content
  2. Own video content generation in the region
  3. Elevate the Al Aan brand and create a new avenue for revenue generation


The challenge was to attract an audience who may already be using  well known global video portals. In addition, given the conservative target audience, the site had to adhere to certain religious and cultural guidelines, while still delivering interesting user generated content.


Flip Media has developed the brand from scratch giving it a distinctive and friendly look and feel build on the concept ‘Your life. Your Talk’ which tags into the brand name ‘Kalam,’ meaning ‘speech.’ While the masterbrand remains the same accross all language platforms / executions of the Kalam.TV portal, the look and feel is customized for each different target audience when it comes to color pallettes and artwork used in the layout.

kalam farsi video page.

Because all the user generated content would be moderated, Kalam is empowered with an advanced moderation module which enables pre-moderation and post-moderation schemes and allows the Kalam team to apply whichever is best depending on the user trends for the content types that require moderation; such as vidoes, comments, and user avatars.

The portal also has a user ranking system which incentivises users to interact more with it; based on your direct interaction with the portal, or the interaction of users with your content on it, you will be accumulating points. These points will promote you from one user rank to the other ultimately becoming a Kalam team official, and still win lots of goodies along the way.

The portal was launched with full time seeders who were unidentified as active, common web users and who worked on populating the portal with its initial content to set the required tone and the intended content type for future users.

Kalam also offers many subtle advertising channels such as banners, pre-roll video ads and channel sponsorship option to allow for revenue generation in the future.


The site is a CMS driven video community portal packed with many unique features. Non-registered site visitors can:

In addition to the above, registered site users can:

Site administrators have advanced functionality enabling moderattion of video content, comments, profile images and monitoring video statistics. The CMS  can also manage polls, FAQs, advertising, maintain contacts database and manage user rating limits.


The Farsi portal was launched on March 1st, 2009. Despite a very low key launch of just the Farsi language site, received 100,000 unique visits  with users spending an average of 11 minutes  on the site. The site has become very popular, feeding content to multiple Farsi social networks such as balatarin and donbaleh.